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Thanks to all who attended the Golf Tournament on Oct. 10, 2011!


Thanks to all who attended the Touchdown Sunday on Oct. 9, 2011!

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Friends of Tom Cetrone

The friends of Tom Cetrone are seeking your participation. Many of you know Tom from either his childhood in Brigantine, his days playing football and baseball at Holy Spirit HS (Class of 1982), the racquet clubs at Resorts, Greate Bay and Tilton, his current hometown of Linwood, his many years as a successful insurance broker with the Chris Ferry Insurance Agency or the numerous community and charitable organizations to which he donated his efforts and time, including UNICO and Kiwanis. Many of you know Tom through his wife, Kirsten (n. Kelley) or his two daughters, Mary Ellen and Gabrielle. As you know, Tom is one of the most amicable, generous and caring people youíll ever meet. Those who know him well will agree that Tom is much more comfortable giving help than receiving it. Since its unlikely heíd ever ask for assistance, a group of his friends formed The Friends of Tom Cetrone to ask on his behalf.

The reason weíre seeking your help is because Tom continues to battle ALS, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrigís Disease. ALS is a debilitating disease that effectively disables every muscle in the body. More information on this devastating disease is available at www.ALSA.org. As the affects of ALS continue to worsen, the simplest daily tasks become increasingly difficult and eventually impossible to perform. Consequently, medicine, medical supplies, equipment and enabling modifications to the home and motor vehicles are required to assist with these tasks. As we all know, anything related to medical expenses, construction and autos is costly. In addition to the medical related costs, the costs of maintaining a household and raising two beautiful daughters remain ever present. Furthermore, the costs of such items are exacerbated by Tomís gradual decrease in ability to work.

To help offset some of the costs associated with Tomís condition, Friends of Tom Cetrone are planning annual get-togethers to support Tom and his family. More information can be found in our Up Coming Events section. of this page.

The locals of the Atlantic City area know what a great community we have and how we pull together to help friends in need. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to slow the progression of ALS but we can help ease the associated financial burden and lend some emotional support. Letís get together and show our support for a great guy and his family, thereís no doubt he would do it for you. Please pass this group invitation on to everyone you know who may be interested in participating in out events to support Tom. Your donations and raffle/auction items are greatly appreciated. For more information please feel free to contact us at friendsoftomcetrone@gmail.com

On behalf of the Cetrone family we thank you for your support.

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